Anker powerport iii 3-port 65w pod


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  • Input : 100 –240V ~ 2A 50 –60Hz
  • Output USB-C 45W: 5V=3A/9V=3A/15V=3A/20V=2.25A
  • Output USB-C 20W: 5V=3A/9V=2.22A
  • Output USB-A: 5V=2.4A (12W)
  • Total Output Max: 65W
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Anker power port iii 3-port 65w pod

  • Go From Chargers to Charger: Instead of filling up your house (and the planet) with an extra charger for each new device you buy, Anker Nano II has the power you need to charge the majority of your personal devices with just a single charger.
  • Powered by GaN II Tech: By swapping out silicon for gallium nitride (GaN), we’ve reduced the size of our chargers without compromising power. Now with GaN II, we can keep pushing the limits of mobile power even further.
  • High-Speed Charging for Notebooks: Connect to either 65W USB-C port to charge flagship notebooks including MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Pro 13”, Dell XPS 13 9380, ThinkPad X390, and more at high speed.
  • Charge Up to 3 Devices Simultaneously: When you connect 3 devices, the top USB-C port can output 40W, the second USB-C port can output 12W, and the USB-A port can also output 12W. That gives you the power you need to charge your notebook, your tablet, and your phone all at the same time.
  • Superior Safety: Conforms to the latest IEC 62368-1 safety standard, so you can rest easy while charging your devices.

Anker power port iii 3-port 65w pod

The Anker PowerPort III 3-Port Pods Charger Adapter has a 65W output that is USB Power Delivery (USB PD) compliant, allowing you to fast charge a variety of devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. There’s no need to bring several chargers for each gadget.

Simultaneous charging of 3 devices

Rapid charging with a maximum output of 45W & 20W is achievable when two USB-C ports that enable USB PD are used. With two USB-C connectors and one USB-A port, you may charge a variety of devices simultaneously at a maximum output of 40W & 12W & 12W.

Ultra-compact design

A compact size that is about 55% smaller than a standard charger with 60W or higher power. You may simply carry it anyplace because it has a folding plug.

Proprietary technology “Anker GaN II” adopted

The Anker PowerPort III 3-Port 65W Pods Charger Adapter loaded with GaN (gallium nitride) has grown into the second generation after approximately two years of research and development. By innovating power supply IC and circuit architecture, Anker’s patented technology brings out the potential of GaN material. To reduce the size of electronic components, the switching frequency has been doubled compared to our company, and the heat and EMI (noise) that occur as harmful effects of high frequency have been eliminated by optimizing the three-dimensional layout of internal substrate components and the circuit structure (PCBA 3D stacking). As a consequence, we were able to further miniaturize while adhering to tight safety regulations.

Wide range of compatible models

Anker’s unique PowerIQ 3.0 technology is included (Gen2). While improving USB Power Delivery compatibility, it also supports charging technologies such as Qualcomm Quick Charge. Full-speed charging is possible for a wide range of devices, including Apple goods such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch.

orms to international safety standards

IEC 62368-1 international safety standard compliance. With Anker’s unique numerous protection mechanisms, such as overvoltage protection, short circuit prevention of electrical circuits, and temperature management, you may use it safely for a long period. The Anker PowerPort III 3-Port 65W Pods Charger Adapter comes with an 18-month warranty.


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